In service of our state’s musical legacies, Colorado Music Experience preserves the historical significance of past concert performances with galleries of archival recordings.

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Ebbets Field


The live, intimate performances at Ebbets Field, Denver’s premier concert venue of the Seventies, would be a footnote in rock history were it not for the hundreds of shows professionally recorded by the staff of ListenUp.

KCUV radio


The locally owned and independently operated radio station, which unleashed a diverse Americana format in the adventurous Denver market, hosted numerous artists in its lower downtown in-house studio space.

Rainbow Music Hall


The Rainbow Music Hall became one of the nation’s top music showcases, a legend built by the acts that graced its stage, top-notch sound and lighting systems, and a certain intimacy in the 1,400-seat room.

The Peak Lounge


In the ’90s, the Peak Lounge became an integral part of the heritage of live music in Denver, a cozy performance space for listeners of 96.5 KXPK—“The Peak.”

Sugarloaf rarities


Sugarloaf guitarist Bob Webber, now a recording and mix engineer, has used state-of-the-art digital software to provide audio glimpses into the band’s career beyond its best-known hit, “Green-Eyed Lady.”

KFML radio


In the late ’60s, the freedom sought by a new generation came on the radio via the FM band—underground, or free-form, radio. In Denver, it was cooler to listen to the legendary KFML than to an AM Top 40 station.