Formed at the University of Colorado, the Serendipity Singers rode their talent to the Top 10 and The Ed Sullivan Show» John Madden FEATURED PODCAST The Serendipity Singers Colorado never had rock heroes like the Columbine High School graduates, who took local buzz to a national level. » Big Head Todd & the Monsters FEATURED VIDEO R.I.P. Chuck E. Weiss, who died on July 19 at 76 after a long illness. The Denver native moved to L.A. in the late ’70s, living at West Hollywood’s Tropicana Motel with Tom Waits and Rickie Lee Jones, who would immortalize him in her hit “Chuck E.’s in Love.”... » R.I.P. Chuck E. Weiss FEATURED BLOG By 1969, it was beginning to dawn on people that most of the decade’s rock icons weren’t functioning. The Beatles hated each other. Bob Dylan had become a recluse. Jim Morrison’s encounters with the law were stacking up against him. » The Rolling Stones FEATURED PROFILE Relive three amazing years in music in three volumes of interviews and images from the unrivaled archives of G. Brown. » Time Travel for Music Lovers FEATURED BOOKS

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