In 1967, Canned Heat was busted at Denver’s Family Dog, a drama immortalized in the song “My Crime.” » Canned Heat FEATURED In 1974, Chicago’s “Wishing You Were Here,” recorded at Colorado’s legendary Caribou Ranch and featuring backing vocals by three of the Beach Boys, peaked at No. 1 on Billboard’s easy listening chart. » Chicago FEATURED On October 17, 1970, Sugarloaf’s “Green Eyed Lady” peaked at No. 3. on the Billboard Hot 100. Guitarist Bob Webber tells the story of Colorado’s great classic rock band in a new CoME podcast. » Sugarloaf FEATURED On October 14, 1972, Danny Holien’s “Colorado” peaked on Billboard’s singles chart. » Danny Holien FEATURED Through hard work, unswerving dedication and frontman Sloan Anderson’s cheeky charm, the likable power-pop punks of Single File drew the attention of a major label before concluding their career. » Single File FEATURED

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