Bill Stevenson is the drummer and only constant member of Descendents, a legendary punk band formed in 1978 in California. He recorded several albums with Black Flag, then focused his attention on Descendents until lead singer Milo Aukerman left the band to pursue a graduate degree. Stevenson and the remaining members formed All, eventually relocating to Fort Collins, Colorado, where he built the Blasting Room, a recording studio financed with money acquired from All’s contract with a major record label. All and Descendents continue to make music while Stevenson also pursues his career as a record producer.

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Bill talks with G. Brown about the bonds of the early punk rock community in Southern California (2:34), the inception of Descendents (5:57), his love of coffee (8:08), his teenage years (10:45), the intellectual wing of punk (11:23), joining Black Flag (12:45), developing different skills as a music producer (19:42), becoming All (21:35), how grunge and “mall punk” led to All’s only record released on a major label (26:44), the founding of the Blasting Room (30:42), new work from Descendents (39:25) and his exceptional health battles (44:27).