After attending college, majoring with a focus on jazz piano, Kyle Hollingsworth set out on a career in music. Moving to Boulder, Colorado, he eventually joined String Cheese Incident, writing and performing in a mosaic of styles with the acclaimed jam band. The innovative and virtuosic musician has collaborated with a horde of major acts and leads a solo project, Kyle Hollingsworth Band. He is also an avid craft brewer and has hosted events and concerts spotlighting his collaborative beverages.

Time Code

Kyle talks to G. Brown about his musical influences (1:45), the nascent stages of String Cheese Incident (4:12), the functioning of the band’s self-managed organization (12:28), SCI’s honing of disparate musical genres (13:56), his solo work and collaborations with the greats (18:08), his tendency toward funky stage attire (24:20), making great beer (25:26), playing with a broken wrist (27:24), fatherhooc (28:02) and SCI’s strategy for coping with the pandemic (30:00).